About Arlington Christian Academy

Enrollment for Fall 2023 now open!

Purpose Statement

Arlington Christian Academy exists to provide a parent-involved, Bible-based education in a structured, nurturing environment that prepares students academically, spiritually, and emotionally to impact their world for Christ.

Mission Statement

Arlington Christian Academy's mission is to help students develop a healthy and active relationship with Jesus Christ and to help equip them to apply all aspects of their educational experience to live as salt and light in their communities.The official school enrollment application will be available to fill out on this website.

Philosophy of Education

To accomplish the mission above, Arlington Christian Academy has adopted the philosophy of Kingdom Education. Kingdom Education develops children according to their specific abilities so that they will be empowered to live a life characterized by love, trust and obedience to Christ. The ultimate goal of kingdom education is to develop mature disciples of Jesus Christ whose life glorifies God. This is done by involving the home, school and church to provide a Christ-centered, nurturing, learning environment.